These two beasties have turned out to be besties for sure. They are at each other constantly. They play, wrestle and have fun all day long.

A couple of days ago, I took Clover out for a couple of hours. Stella, the pit bull, was lost while I was out. She sat at the window, paced through the house, and rested nervously in her dog bed, frequently blurting out full body exhales. I think she truly thought Clover was gone.

However, when I returned, she went a little crazy. More so than usual. Stella is a dog that literally screams and runs in circles when I return home. She grabs something she loves to show me upon my arrival, usually a bone, a chew toy, or a kitchen towel if she can steal it. Like a pony, she gallops around the house and then runs for my bedroom where she waits for me to come see her. I walk to the bed and she springs up and throws her front paws around my shoulders and hugs me. ShThee actually hugs. I can feel her paws on my neck, she wraps them tightly and pulls me in. When I returned with Clover, she lost her mind. The noises she made were incredible. She was like a small child at Christmas. These two are a pair.

Like I said, besties.

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