Stella + Pink + Sloth Baby

So I have this crazy and lovable dog named Stella. She is four years old and a handful. For the first four years she never had any toys. Not that I didn’t give her any, the toys I gave her were immediately destroyed.

She ate a couple of shoes in the beginning, as dogs do but her assassin skills for stuffed toys is akin to a Kill Bill movie. She lived with another black lab until recently I had to say goodbye to her.

Immediately she was different. When I would both dogs a bone, she would immediately eat it as fast as she could. My other dog Raven would walk around with it to tease Stella. After Raven was gone I noticed that Stella took the bone and kept it in the dog bed and would not eat it. If I gave her a second bone, she would eat it but keep one in the bed.

I bought her a 12 inch tall pink piglet. Somehow it got named Pink Baby and when you ask her about it she runs and gets it. She also greets me at the door with Pink Baby in her mouth.

I added a new toy, it is a grey sloth. She now has two babies to play with and is rarely more than 5 feet away from one of them.

I think she loves them like they are alive. If she squeezes Pink Baby too hard and it squeaks, she sets it down and whimpers. She thinks it is a baby.

I am looking for another dog to rescue. As you can see from this picture, she clearly has a lot of love.

(If you look at the lower left side of the picture, you can catch a glimpse of her Pink Baby, )

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