At home with the two thugs

When I lost a dog to cancer a couple of years before I expected, I felt a knee-jerk response to get another dog. It was hard. I fought the urge for a couple of months. Then I went online and found this little love. She's been a godsend We love her so much and she... Continue Reading →


Halloween is such a special time in New England. I grew up in Florida and being able to be in a nice, Fall environment is amazing to celebrate this holiday. I remember one year the temperature dropped to 60 degrees, and I had to wear a winter coat under my superman costume. Seriously, like kill... Continue Reading →


It all began with a little tomato Homemade pasta is a labor of love. I made fresh pasta last week and I cooked up a batch of Bolognese sauce to accompany it. Making pasta is fairly easy to do with some basic equipment and a little time. My next adventure will be to make sheets... Continue Reading →

Portsmouth Bees

Great to see so many bees around in the city. There must be a hive nearby because I noticed about a hundred bumble bees flying around these purple flowers in downtown.


These two beasties have turned out to be besties for sure. They are at each other constantly. They play, wrestle and have fun all day long. A couple of days ago, I took Clover out for a couple of hours. Stella, the pit bull, was lost while I was out. She sat at the window,... Continue Reading →


So this is Clover. She was adopted and rescued from Tennessee. I got her towards the end of July, and she is wonderful.

Stella + Pink + Sloth Baby

So I have this crazy and lovable dog named Stella. She is four years old and a handful. For the first four years she never had any toys. Not that I didn't give her any, the toys I gave her were immediately destroyed. She ate a couple of shoes in the beginning, as dogs do... Continue Reading →

Fresh is best

When summer arrives and the farmer's markets scream to life, you have to take every advantage to take in the local flavors. In New England, we have wonderful markets all summer, that evolve from stands of vegetables and flowers, and piles of tomatoes and corn. As the lifecycle of the market matures, we are treated... Continue Reading →

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